Accident Reconstruction


"This is to advise that Mike Sunseri deemed well qualified to provide testimony as an accident reconstructive expert in front of Judge James McKay, CDC, Division "A". Judge McKay stated in open court that he was impressed with Mr. Sunseri's qualifications and had personal prior experience with him in other matters."

-Robert J. Bruno

"I want to take this opportunity to inform you of our success in the above referenced matter. The jury found the defendant driver totally at fault and awarded my client the sum of $560,000.00 for the loss of vision in one eye. Your testimony was invaluable in explaining to the jury the reason why this accident happened. Your presentation on the witness stand was very effective in demonstrating the fault of the defendant driver, and I am certain that your testimony contributed significantly to the trials ultimate outcome."

-Michael J. Samanie


"I am pleased to report that the jury returned a verdict finding that the placement of the sign was not a proximate cause of the accident at issue. I believe your testimony was critical in the jury's ultimate determination."

-Daniel R. Atkinson, Jr.


"Thank you again for your testimony. You were outstanding with the jury, especially your explanation of the process, by simplifying what could normally be a complex issue (so) that the average person could understand. It is a shame that you did not see the other side's expert testify, who was touted as a "Ph.D. doctor." Your testimony was much more understandable and to the point, and I believe the jury will certainly take note of that."

-Frank P. Tranchina, Jr.


"You did a superb job as our expert and many of the visitors in the courtroom, as well as members of the jury, complimented your expert testimony as to the cause of the accident. Judge Larry Green qualified you as and expert in automobile accident reconstruction with no opposition from our opponent."

-Charlotte A. Hayes